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    146146Note that only the {{{*.publickey}}} files are required for the clearinghouse. You can safely remove the {{{*.privatekeys}}} from {{{~/deployment/clearinghouse/node_state_transitions/statekeys}}}. 
    148 === Setup the website and start a development version of it === 
     148=== Setup the website and start a development version === 
    150150* Be sure you've already created a MySQL database for the clearinghouse (e.g. called {{{clearinghouse}}}). 
    170170    * Set {{{SECRET_KEY}}} to a long, random string. 
     171    * Make sure there is a reference to {{{''}}} under {{{INSTALLED_APPS}}} in 
     173INSTALLED_APPS = ( 
     174  'django.contrib.admin', 
     175  'django.contrib.auth', 
     176  'django.contrib.contenttypes', 
     177  'django.contrib.sessions', 
     178  'django.contrib.sites', 
     179  'django.contrib.messages', 
     180  'django.contrib.staticfiles', 
     181  'social_auth', 
     182  '',) 
    171184    * If this is a production launch, also set {{{DEBUG}}} to False, and uncomment and change the fields for sending {{{ADMINS}}} email. 
    172185    * If your clearinghouse is supposed to provide installers other than the stock Seattle ones, you need to set up a [ Custom Installer Builder] and point {{{SEATTLECLEARINGHOUSE_INSTALLER_BUILDER_XMLRPC}}} to that URL. 
    173186    * You can also adapt the clearinghouse {{{TIME_ZONE}}}. 
    174187    * To further customize the appearance of your setup, modify the {{{TESTBED}}} name and URL, term you would like to use for {{{CLEARINGHOUSE}}}, and project mailing lists. 
     189* Add these lines to the clearinghouse user's {{{.bashrc}}}. (The changes will become effective the next time the user logs in, so you might want to log out and log in again following the edit.) 
     191# In ~/.bashrc 
     192export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/home/ch/deployment:/home/ch/deployment/seattle:/home/ch/clearinghouse 
     193export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE='' 
     196Note: the /home/ch/deployment path entry is to make available the two packages clearinghouse and seattle which the deployment script created in the target directory. The Seattle path item is to ensure that the Repy runtime works. 
     198* Create the database structure. You may want to create a superuser account when asked. Note that this user will be able to log in over the web using the Django {{{admin}}} page. Use a strong password, and update it frequently! (The password can be changed on the command line using {{{ changepassword}}} followed by the user account name). 
     200cd ~/deployment/clearinghouse 
     201python website/ makemigrations control 
     202python website/ migrate